And people wonder why this word leaves such a bad taste in my mouth…

Guess I’ll just sit here while you decide whether you want me or not…

My alarm will go off soon.
Then I am expected to work a 7 hour shift
Then put on a pretty dress and dance the night away at a sweet 16…
I don’t think I can.
My body physically hurts
My insides hurt worse
But my boss expects me to
My mom expects me to
I expect me to
And you expect me to
…I can’t even reach out to you though, if I do u might push you further and further away…just like last time.





why is it so hard to describe a book to someone

ugh, yes! I’m always like ‘there’s a person that does this thing and then this happens, but it’s not like that it’s more like THAT but not really, but it’s sort of like when that happens and…just read it!’

if you explain too much, you risk spoiling. if you explain too little, they don’t know enough to want to read it. the struggle is real

Exactly what you said.

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nothing is more satisfying than knowing someone will be with you through thick and thin

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u know the feel when your friend is sad and you just wanna un-sad them but u cant and it makes u feel like such a terrible person

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